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December, 2005: My name is April Mae Cinq-Mars. I am married to a wonderful man. I have the world's best family. I have three beautiful nieces and one handsome nephew all whom I love more than life. I love to write poetry because it helps me deal with my feelings and it helps me make piece with myself.

The first poem I wrote was for my grandfather, whom I loved so very much. He was the hospital with cancer and my poem was my way of telling him how much he was loved and to say good bye to him. I am so thankful that he was alive to here my cousin Rose read that poem to him before he moved on to heaven.

After that, the poetry just poured from my heart and soul. At first I could only write a poem if I was upset or hurt. I guess it was my soul's way to help me feel better. After a few years, and with some help from people I have met, who love to write poetry, I learned to just write poetry even when I'm not hurt or upset.

I have a few poems published in poetry anthology books which are published by Poetry.com. My first published poem was to my husband. If you would like to see any of the poems that are published in their anthologies, go to www. Poetry.com. Being published there gave me the courage to pursue my dream of writing my own poetry manuscript and to mail it to major publishing companies. I am in the middle of doing that now. It has taken me a while to get the pages together because I have to work on it in my spare time and I have very little of that what with working full time and trying to be a full time house wife at the same time.

My husband and I do not have children yet, but we hope to one day. We have two lovable doggies. Mr. Pugsly (a pug) and Princess (a bulldog) they bring much love and companionship and to my husband and myself -- they are our children.

See more of my poetry at : www.poetrypoem.com/butterflypoet.

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