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Chris Hawthorne

I am forty-four years old, and have been writing poems, short stories and children's stories for a long time, really since childhood. Nine years ago I fell and hurt my back, and I began to write poems to take my mind off the constant pain of arthritis which I now suffer. When I had to finish work 5 years ago I started to send my poems to competitions and have had several accepted and published in anthologies (for instance raising money for Dr Barnardo's Homes and for the Rwanda appeal). I had a children's story published when I was only twenty-years old years old, called "Harriet the Hedgehog," in a children's annual. My ambition is to have a full length book published, not only one for children, but, I would like to write for adults too. I am married, and have been for almost twenty-five years, and have two children, aged eighteen and twenty-one. (October, 1999)

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