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Dean Schofield

June 2002: I'm twenty-one-years old. I come from a small town called Redruth in Cornwall. Right now Im finishing my studys in Manchester. I've been writing what I write since I was fourteen. I used to try and imitate the lyrical styles of singers from the bands I loved to listen to and gradually developed my own style. My favorite lyricists are people like Chino Moreano from the Deftones, Maynard from Tool. And words from songs from other bands such as the Melvins, any thing affiliated with Mike Patton. I don't really like any proper poets i find them bland. I think abstraction is the key just have to link it the right way. All my words are about things that I've experienced, harsh intense periods of life which have neally destroyed me mentally. Writing it all down like this helps a great deal, to put in to words. Even if no one else gets it I do it only for me.

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