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Felix Fojas

Felix Fojas is a member of PEN International and the Philippine Literary Arts Council. He has B.A. and M.A. degrees in English and Comparative Literature, and, Linguistics and Literature, respectively. He's had Creative writing fellowships at Cambridge University, England; 18th Midwest Writers' Annual Conference, Kent State University, Ohio. He is a former advertising creative director and university professor. Felix has won numerous advertising and literary awards. He has lectured at the University of California at Davis, Sacramento State University and Sacramento City College. Felix has published two books and a chapbook of poems. His writing has appeared in Brown River, Blue Ocean: An Anthology of Twentieth Century Philippine Literature (New Jersey: Rutgers University Press), A Habit of Shores: Philippine Verse in English 1970s-90s (University of the Philippines Press), American Dissident, The Lucid Stone, PoetrySuperHighway.com, among others, and soon in Evergreen Review. He has been a contributing writer to Magical Blend Magazine, Natural Health & Beauty Magazine, and Mind, Body & Soul Magazine. Now a resident of Chico, California, Felix reads his poems regularly at Moxie's, Has Beans Café, and Barnes & Noble.

Visit his web site at: home.talkcity.com/ElCamino/arod01/FelixFojas.html.

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