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Jerry Houle

Jerry Houle
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I am a sixty-two year old retiree with small literary ambitions. I consider myself more of an essayist than a fiction writer, but the urge to be creative produced "Evening Encounter." I was raised in Michigan of blue collar parents, the youngest of five children. I earned a bachelor degree in literature at the University of Michigan (Dearborn campus) in 1967 and an MBA in Management at Central Michigan University in 1977. I invested thirty-one years in automobile manufacture, made a very good living, enjoyed many achievements, made a few lifelong friends and, yet, never felt embraced by any of it. I'm married twice (twenty years and sixteen years with a three year hiatus between). I've survived (six years) cancer of the tongue and so far a few months of prostate cancer surgery. I also had a heart attack in 1987. I have grandchildren, a full life ahead of me (I hope) and a desire to grow in my writing ability.

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