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Jim Fowler

March 2003: I was born April 8, 1957 in East St. Louis, Illinois. For the past eleven years I've lived in Jacksonville, Florida and consider it my home. I have two daughters, Rachel and Renee, both in their twenties, and I've been married to my present wife, Dianne, for twelve years. I'm a postal worker and take pride in my working-class background and try to show it in my writing. My only training is a handful of junior college classes, taken over the years, mostly in the area of drawing and computers. I love to read novels. A few of my favorite authors are Poe, Tom Clancy, Stephen King, and many lesser-knowns. Although I don't always agree with their views, some of my favorite poets are John Lennon, Dylan, Neil Young, Jim Morrison, and John Mellencamp, just to give you a clue. I do think that the contemporary poets who've been the most innovative and influential of our age are the great song writers. And they use rhyme. Lately I've been trying to teach myself to write well. Using mostly good books and the internet (including places like The WriteGallery). There was a time that I wanted to be a painter, but in my middle age I've turned to writing. I've grown to love and respect the power and creative opportunity of the written word. I've always felt I have something to say. I hope you enjoy my attempts.
Jim Fowler, and his wife, Diane
Jim Fowler and his wife, Diane
Image © Jim Fowler, all rights reserved

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