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Joseph Mayo Wristen

Joseph has three published books and is working on his fourth. Having been writing for over thirty-five years he has accumulated an enormous amount of material and has just begun to put it into a series of books at the request of his children. Some of his other works are being shown at www.AmericanPoems.com.

"The life we are given can included many different events, peoples, and places the ability to see what others are writing about from all over the world through this thing they call the Internet is truly remarkable. I belong to several writer groups and enjoy the opportunity to read as much of the works of others as I have the time to. I hope you will enjoy my work, if and when you have the opportunity." -- Joseph Mayo Wristen

You may find out more about Joseph and his writings at his Web Page: www.home.earthlink.net/~josephmayo or at American Literary Press.

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