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K.J. Stevens

June 2000: I was born and raised in Alpena, Michigan. I graduated from Central Michigan University in December of 1999, and have recently moved to Minnesota. In 1998 I published a chapbook of poetry titled Introspection. In 1999, I published a collection of short fiction, Corvallis Road, with another Michigan author, Travis Mulhauser. My writing has been featured in Central Michigan University's literary magazine, Framework, as well as The Oak, The Open Scroll, Sabine, The Alpena News, and CM LIFE (Central Michigan University's newspaper). Most recently, my short story, "Home," was chosen as a finalist in Sulisa Publishing's national undergraduate fiction writing contest. Currently, I'm working on a collection of short stories and poems that I plan to have published by the end of the year. What has helped my writing the most is putting in the time. I write nearly every single day.

2002 addendum: K.J.'s collection of short stories, A Better Place (Writer’s Showcase, 2002), has been published and is available for $11.95 at www.barnesandnoble.com or you can contact K.J at kjstevens73@yahoo.com.

Visit K.J.'s web site at: www.kjstevens.20m.com.

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