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Thandi Brewer

AUGUST 1999: I HATE bios! I never know what to put in them, because the important stuff is hard to encompass in 100 words! Me, I prefer personal to professional. I don't really see what my work record ever really says about me, apart from the fact that I've been lucky.:

Writer, Thandi Brewer, lives in South Africa. An addicted traveler, she's been through China, Russia, Europe, America and Africa, leaving chaos and mayhem in her wake. When not traveling, she writes scripts for Film and Television for money to pay for her travel bug, and to support her 90 year old house -- Chaos Manor -- in the middle of Hillbrow, her two dogs, three cats, one child, one lover, and assorted hangers on.

I write for money, which makes me a writing whore I suppose, but to have poetry accepted is a huge thrill, and that means more. I'm a hysterical, neurotic, erotic, psychotic with obsessional tendencies. Poetry is the first love, and I come back to it when I need to clear the brain circuits and remember why I started writing in the first place. If you want to visit Chaos Manor, and learn what life can really be like for a white lady of quality in the heart of the darkest arseend of Africa, you're welcome to pop in to:

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