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Wayne James

Wayne James January 2000: Wayne James was born in Texas in 1959. He's lived there his entire life, except during military service. He currently is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Arts in psychology. "My philosophy is Existential in the Nietzschean tradition; my politics, Libertarian," he says. Wayne's fiction has appeared in Raconteur, September (Tenth place short story) and October 1995. His poetry has appeared in Lucidity, Spring 1996, Inner Voices 4, Winter 1996, Bavousphere 1997, and the Ramsey Poetry Anthology 1997 (First and Second place); he's also had nonfiction published in the Inner Voices electronic version at http://www.indy.net~eviltwin, Spring 1997. Two of his stories were published in Hadrosaur Tales in 1998: "To Save Tomorrow" and "The P Solution."

Visit Wayne's home page at:

A print collection of Wayne's fiction and poetry, titled When Only the Moon Rages, is due to release any time now from Hadrosaur productions. Most of his work featured at the WriteGallery will be included. Wayne has put up a web site in support of the venture. The URL is go.to/moonrages.

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