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General Introduction:
The WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site(SM) is an on-going collection -- a gallery -- of creative writing that focuses on prose and poetry by writers who are young in their craft, and well may be young in age. WG would not, however, exclude older, seasoned writers, and certainly would not refuse a submission from any such established writer. An exact definition of "young as writers" is elusive. It's reasonable that Tim O'Brian, for instance, doesn't fall into our category of young in writing; whereas, Jaime Morelli does. Surely Mr. O'Brian would still assert that he is still growing as an author. Yet, the WriteGallery focus is on "newer" writers of merit.

However, it's important to note that, strictly speaking, this is not a juvenile writing site and some work here deals with adult themes using adult methods, and adult language. The WriteGallery has and will post work by juveniles, when that work is of good merit -- and you'll find a bit of good juvenile writing here -- but, WG does not shy away from material more suited for, or specifically directed at, adult readers. The WriteGallery will not, however, publish pornographic work, unless it is incredibly literary (which is a markedly rare occurrence). Eroticism is another story; WG has published work that uses such as an element, and will continue to publish such. Overall, The WriteGallery doesn't censor. There is very adult language and situations in many of the works posted here. With only very few exceptions, WG would not turn work away based solely on disagreeing with the ideology or philosophy of the work. And, the last thing intended is to be restricted by the thought-prison of political correctness. But, there is always a line. Hateful agendas would be over that line. Angry agendas would not necessarily be -- (Angry agendas have often changed the world for the better). Expect, as well, anything which is obviously libelous to be rejected.

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What WG Publishes:
The WriteGallery is most interested in literary fiction and poetry. But WG also accepts other forms of writing, some quite journalistic in nature. The WriteGallery accepts essays or articles about creative writing, or interviews, articles, or profiles of writers or writing programs/projects. And, finally, WG accepts personal essays and genre fiction.

Be sure to read the "Submission Guidelines" page also. How to submit is as important as what to submit. You should also know the copyright agreement for publication here.

And concerning plagiarized work: as soon as it is evident that a person has passed-off as her or his own, the work of another, that work will be pulled. I (K.L.Storer) will also provide any information in WG possession about the alleged plagiarizer to the duly appointed legal representatives of the rightful copyright owner. If the stolen work is in public domain, it will still be pulled. And, in either case, no future submissions from the thief will be considered. If the theft is caught before the work is posted, future submissions from the thief will still not be considered.

But, as far as what the WriteGallery is looking for in terms of the writing ---

Literary Fiction Poetry Essays/Articles on Writing Personal Essays Genre Fiction

Literary fiction:

    The whole spectrum is attractive, from the classic American short story form to magic realism. If it speaks to the human condition, and is within the realm of the theme being called for, WG is interested.
Literary Fiction Poetry Essays/Articles on Writing Personal Essays Genre Fiction


    Rhyming poetry is acceptable, but, obvious rhymes are rarely acceptable -- most especially words which have been paired in rhyme, ad infinitum, for years (or centuries). Whoever it was who said, "Don't send rhyming poetry unless you're as good as Robert Frost," got to the heart of this sentiment. And, it must go to the theme being called for.
Literary Fiction Poetry Essays/Articles on Writing Personal Essays Genre Fiction

Essays/Articles on Writing:

    The essays/articles category calls for those which are somehow reasonably related to writing. That's an open field, but, prose which do not somehow cover some aspect of writing is outside the scope of the "Essays/Articles" area. The articles can be interviews with a writer, profiles on a writer or writers, or on a writing program, or any other form of feature article on writers or writing.

    This particular category is dealt with as an anomaly to the themes of the chapbooks. Though writing in this category is fair game when it addresses the theme called for in a theme-based chapbook, there is also a general, year-round open call for essays and articles not specific to chapbook themes. Such will be posted independently and periodically as they are received and accepted. No more than three general submissions like this in a six-month period, though, please.

    Here is a small sampling of the sort of topics appropriate for the general call:

    1. "The Writing Life," by Molly Youngkin
    2. "Lebenswelt American Life-World Writing," by Stan Blakeman
    3. "An Interview with Steve Alten," by Owen Hollifield
    4. "Art Of Poetry" by Durlabh Singh
    5. "The Exercise of Writing Sudden Fiction" by K.L.Storer

    K.L.'s note: this is not an exhaustive list of ideas appropriate. It's simply some examples. You are welcome to pick an idea close to or far afield from these. You can even argue with an essay already here. See Essays/Articles on Writing for all such prose at the WriteGallery.
Literary Fiction Poetry Essays/Articles on Writing Personal Essays Genre Fiction

Personal Essays:

    Being a "personal" essay dictates that it be close to the author -- a personal writing. Submissions of memoirs are acceptable as personal essay material. The only stipulation is that the essay/memoir somehow address the theme currently called for.

    Though previously not accepted, topical essays, even when not personal essays, will be considered for chapbooks when they can be seen as touching the theme called for.

    In terms of personal essays, here are some examples of what can be done, as per styles and approaches to writing:

    1. "The Knowing In Me" by K.L.Storer
    2. "The Bazaar Side of Catholicism" by Robert F. Walsh
    3. "Supper Time," by Stephanie Howarth
    4. "I Married a Beautiful and Sexy Woman," by David Watkins
    5. "The Maharishi of Telegraph Avenue," by Anthea Jay Kamalnath
Literary Fiction Poetry Essays/Articles on Writing Personal Essays Genre Fiction

Genre Fiction:

    Any category of genre is welcome. But, the story should ultimately touch upon humanity, even if there are no "humans" in it. And the story must touch on the theme of the call.

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How WG Edits:
Here is K.L.Storer's policy for editing the work accepted at the WriteGallery:

    1. I do not edit prose deeply without contacting the author. In that case, I make suggestions, sometimes quite specific ones. These situations can be as over-arching as suggesting a change of tense or person. In one specific case it meant suggesting a radically different context for the story. Most often, however, the suggestion is to cut or change a sentence or paragraph, usually at the end or beginning of a story. Whether or not the author's agreement to suggested changes will make or break the publication of the work at the WriteGallery is determined case by case.
    2. However, I otherwise assume some discretion to edit prose. This mostly means that I clean up prose (ie: fix obvious errors, such as "their/there/they're") without contacting the author.
    3. And the fiction stories must meet the theme called for.


    1. Usually, an accepted poem is posted as is, down to the word. I will however, sometimes contact the poet about minor changes I think will help the poem. The changes are almost always at the discretion of the poets. They sometimes make a change that is similar to my suggestion but not exact. They sometimes approve a change, exactly as I suggested it. They sometimes insist on no changes.
    2. Occasionally, I need a change to be made in a poem before I can publish it. Such poem has what I believe to be a flaw or flaws I see as interference with its effectiveness. And, as part of the editorial process of maintaining the WriteGallery, I contact the poet with my thoughts and try to negotiate a re-write or revision.
    3. And the poetry must meet the theme called for.

    Feedback on work submitted:

    1. I only give feedback as a part of the editorial process for work which has been accepted, or will be accepted pending specific changes I'd like. If a piece of writing has not been accepted, I send an email message that simply states the work will not be used.
    2. Time does not permit reading work for the sole purpose of feedback or instruction.

    NOTE: I am also not too proud to have my editorial errors (misspells, grammar errors, etc) brought to my attention. Please feel free to click on an "" button or link, on a "Report Site Problems" link, or on my email link, and let me know where I goofed.

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WG Update Schedule:
The WriteGallery has moved to the posting of theme-based virtual chapbooks which will not have regularly scheduled posting times. However, there will be a special Halloween and Winter Holiday features. There may occasionally be other limited features, as well.

Also as the rule, general essays and articles on the art, process and world of writing, which are independent in theme and from inclusion in theme-based chapbook, may be published at any given time during the year.

And special chapbooks featuring the work of a specific author will, as always, be produced and published at any time.

The From K.L.'s Desk page is scheduled for at least one update per month. Occasionally, there will be more in a one-month period. K.L.'s Blog: A Diary of Artful Things is often updated daily, and rarely goes longer than one week without a new entry.

General maintenance updates, the updates of main pages such as this one, etc, and addition of links will be done as needed.

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About the WG Buttons:
Here are the pages where the WriteGallery buttons and links will take you, and what will be there.

First, there is a site index at the bottom of every page. In the top, right-hand corner of almost every page is a hot button to the site index:

WriteGallery site index (click here)
It can be clicked on to go directly to the site index.

Here are what the buttons in the site index, and a few others, are about:

    Latest Literature (Click here) :
    Takes you to the index page, which lists all the latest literature to be posted at the site.

    Virtual Chapbooks (Click Here) :
    Takes you to the index page for all virtual chapbooks. Each is a special collection of prose, poetry, or both. Each has its own look and feel, and many have been fully illustrated. They are essentially mini-web sites. Be advised that most are graphically intensive, with some of the image files being quite large. Many browsers may take some time to fully load some of the pages. The newer chapbooks also use the new PNG image format, which older browsers will not read.

    print-friendly version button :
    This button is associated with most of the virtual chapbooks at the site. Most chapbook pages have "Print-Friendly" versions, which are pretty much text-only. The "Print-Friendly version" button is usually found just above the Site Index, or somewhere else close to the bottom of the page.

    Graphically intense version button :
    This button is also associated with most of the virtual chapbooks at the site. The pages of the "Print-Friendly" versions have this button, to take one to the graphically intense -- or more illustrative -- version. The "Graphically Intense Version" button is found in the same spots as the "Print-Friendly version" button would be, on the other version of the page.

    Fiction (Click here) :
    Takes you to the index page for all fiction at the site, except for any which is part of an individual author's virtual chapbook. Work in the theme-based chapbooks will still be listed in this index.

    Poetry (Click here) :
    Takes you to the index page for all poetry at the site, except for any which is part of an individual author's virtual chapbook. Work in the theme-based chapbooks will still be listed in this index.

    Essays/Articles on Writing (Click here) :
    Takes you to the index page for all essays and articles about writing at the site, except for any which is part of an individual author's virtual chapbook. Work in the theme-based chapbooks will still be listed in this index.

    Personal Essays (Click here) :
    Takes you to the index page for all personal essays at the site, except for any which is part of an individual author's virtual chapbook. Work in the theme-based chapbooks will still be listed in this index.

    Genre Fiction (Click here) :
    Takes you to the index page for all genre fiction at the site, except for any which is part of a virtual chapbook. Work in the theme-based chapbooks will still be listed in this index.

    Author Information (Click here) :
    Goes to a comprehensive index of all authors who appear at the site, and lists all the titles they have here. If there is biographical information, there will be a button that is linked to the author's "About whomever" page.

    The "Author Information" index is the way to see all work listed by author, though the categories are not separated out on the "Author Information" index.

    About the Author (click here) :
    As well as being with the authors on the "Author Information" index page, this button will be with each piece of writing by the author. It is the button that leads to the author's personal bio page. It is only present for writers with a bio page.

    No Biography :
    If there is no bio information, this button shows in place of the "about the author" button on the "Author Information" index page.

    From K.L.'s Desk (Click here) :
    Leads to the editorial-type page, authored by the site owner and producer, K.L.Storer. It has a "What's New" and a "What's Coming" area. It also sometimes hosts K.L.'s latest essays relating to writing or the site itself. Most previous essays are listed on the "Essays/Article on Writing" index page.

    About WG (You are here) :
    Brings you to this page. Every where but this page, the button is in color. Here it is black-and-white because it is not a hot-link button. None of the buttons are hot on their own page. Thus they are black-and-white when cool. Think of it as a subtle "you are here" sign.

    Submissions Guidelines (Click here) :
    If you are planning on submitting work to the WriteGallery, read this page. When you submit work here, you are subject to the terms specified on this page, whether you have read it or not.

    Copyrights & Credits (Click here) :
    The general statements of copyright are on this page, as well as various and a sundry of credits due. A comprehensive list of copyright and trademark notices for the icon images on the "Hot Links to Cool Distractions" page is also here.

    Guestbook (Click here) :
    Feb 16, 2005: The form for Guestbook entries has been getting hit lately by some untolerably obnoxious messages by a spambot. Until I have added code to stop spambots from taking advantage of this page, I am closing the addition of new entries. I do not care for my visitors to see the obscene messages that of late have been about as bad as they can get. However, past, legitimate entries to the Guestbook are still posted -- K.L.

    KL's Blog (Click here) :
    K.L.'s Blog: A Diary of Artful Things focuses on site owner K.L.Storer's personal artistic endeavors, which is as much about his return to acting as about his writing. It is an on-line journal of whatever artistic projects he is currently involved in, at any given time. It is not always a daily blog, but, there is usually at least one entry per week.

    Literary Links (Click here) :
    "Literary Links" does not always mean a link to a site with work available to read on-line. It may be a site that deals with literature in another manner. Project Gutenberg is the best example. However, most sites in this category do have fiction or poetry directly available for consumption. Some are personal pages. Most others are sites similar to the WriteGallery.

    Toolbox Links (Click here) :
    "Toolbox," is a cacophony of different things helpful to writers: on-line workshops, information on awards and contests, to name two things prominent. Embedded on this page are links to Writegallery sub pages, one with links to Arts Council web sites (mostly in North America, but, not exclusive to), and one with links to useful copyright information, for authors and web builders alike.

    Virtual Reference Links (Click here) :
    The "Virtual Reference" page could be known as "Toolbox part 2." It is quite simply a grouping of electronic versions of reference-library-type resources, including dictionaries, grammar guides, and facts.

    Hot Links to Cool Distractions (Click here) :
    "Hot Links to Cool Distractions" is a page of thumbnail icons, all linked to web sites somehow related to their icons. As indicated on the page, some icons go to sub-pages with multiple links to other web sites. These are all selected by K.L.Storer (WriteGallery's owner and producer). He does not take suggestions for new sites or categories on the main page -- but he will accept site suggestions for the sub-pages that already exist.

    Link Exchange (Click here) :
    The page has information on link exchanges with us and an on-line form for submitting your site to us. You may not have a site, but, just want to suggest a site -- that's all right, too.

    email WG: (Click here) :
    If your browser supports email software, clicking on this button will open that application and you can send an email to the WriteGallery general email address. (Click here) :
    As it suggests, you are taken back to the main page of the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site.

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How to Contact WG:
general email address:

postal mail:

        To Be Announced

email K.L.:

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The WG Reporter newsletter:
The WG Reporter usually includes excerpts from the From K.L.'s Desk page, especially information on upcoming WriteGallery literary updates. Typically, at least two new pieces of writing and one from the past are included in the newsletter. Because of length considerations, featured work is almost alway poetry -- but, very short prose works, or excerpts from short stories are not exempt.

To be on the mailing list for the WG Reporter, enter your email address here:


Or, send an email to with "on mail list" as the subject and as the text of your email. Please include your email address in the body also.

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Page One literary award
I thank the staff of Page One for bestowing this award on the WriteGallery for "Literary Contributions." I very much appreciate being appreciated. Page One has been linked as a tool in the Toolbox for a while.
-- K.L.


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