The WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site is closed down.

For more than a decade, WG really has only served as a place for me to host my blog. I have, in a few instances, rather clandestinely added some of my poetry, but no true literary update, consisting of curated works as submitted by others, has occurred since about 2004.

The blog has moved and has a slight name change. It is now, K.L.'s Artist's Blog and you will find it at
as part of my artist's website: the artistic world of K.L.Storer.

My fiction and poetry, which had appeared at The WriteGallery, will, at some point, be posted at, as well as possibly some of my essays.

It would be lovely to keep the all the fine work, by all the fine international writers, up on the WWW for interested readers to find, but this is no longer feasible for me and I need to focus on my artist's web site as I focus on acting, music, and, as a writer, playwright work and screen writing. My involvement in these endeavors is covered in the blog and otherwise at my new site, which is, again: the artistic world of K.L.Storer

Come visit!

K.L.Storer ‐‐ Owner and Managing Editor
The WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site