"As Much Power As Who You Are Can Bring You": poetry by Edward Jason Maxwell

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As Much Power As
Who You Are Can Bring You

A Virtual Chapbook of Poetry

Edward Jason Maxwell

[email Edward at: enditen@hotmail.com]

The Pain You Feel Is Not the Pain I Feel

Sometimes Is Every Time

My New Girlfriend Took Pictures Of Your New Boyfriend

To See Me Through You Is To Hate Me Through Me

He Is Fully Human But It Wouldn't Seem So

True Demons vs. Shallow Demons You Almost Wish Were True

Trip And Find Out You Were Standing

Muse First Think Later

Nothing Is Real But There Is Now

Rude Boy

As Much Power As Who You Are Can Bring You

The chapbook As Much Power As Who You Are Can Bring You
is © 2004 Edward Jason Maxwell -- all rights reserved

The web design for this chapbook is © 2004 K.L.Storer
-- all rights reserved.

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