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First Flights: a virtual chapbook of poetry and prose

Thinking About Flight
  (For Dale Huffman)

Herbert Woodward Martin

These two brothers were more like Icarus than we care to believe. We like to think the best of our past, remembering with affection Icarus, who first achieved and in the process forgot the rest of his contenders. It has never mattered who takes second place or third since History is only going to remember the first and place him or her in the center of the photograph. Most likely the others in the picture will be out of focus or carry no identifiable names.

History has only to do with those who dare to dare to fly too high or too close to the edge of the known universe. We, unlike Icarus, must take our warnings seriously.

Whoever takes the screws and bolts of his father's imagination like Mozart or to a lesser degree the Bach sons can easily take wind and space and hold them in an affectionate embrace longer than fourteen minutes in our human memories.

About the Author (click here) Poem © 2003 Herbert Woodward Martin, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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