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Some material at this site is quite adult in theme and language

NOTE: because of more elaborate visual design, some chapbooks have large graphics. Expect the initial loading to take a little while for most collections. For less Graphically intense versions of most chapbooks, click on the Print-Friendly version buttons.

It's also important to note that you need a newer class browser to view most or all main illustrations for chapbooks added as of the year 2000 -- as they are in the new PNG (Portable Network Graphic) file format. If you do not see graphic buttons in the title areas for these chapbooks, you do not have a correct browser to view PNG graphic files. We recommend you down load the latest version of the Netscape browser.
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Chapbook Author (date added)

African Spirit

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Tendai Dawanyi (added May 25, 1998)

as long as: a virtual chapbook by Russell Moore

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Russell Moore (added December 6, 2000)

As Much Power As Who You Are Can Bring You: Edward Jason Maxwell

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Edward Jason Maxwell (added February 8, 2004)

before pablo learned jazz

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J. Kevin Wolfe (added March 13, 2000)

Blue and White Light: index page (click here)

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Robbie Cartier Le'Nepveu (added August 2, 2001)

But Are There Stars?

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Russell Moore (added April 24, 2000)

Cliffnotes from 'Life 101' Index page (click here) Edward L. Fagen (added March 31, 2001)

'The Cripple of Inishmaan' Virtual Tour
A look at my first venture back into acting after twenty-seven years. Technically this is not a literary chapbook, but, this index was a good place to list it. -- K.L.
(added June 1, 2004)

First Flights The Authors of the Winter
2003 Literary Update
(added December 17, 2003)

'Invisible Lore': a virtual chapbook by Durlabh Singh

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Durlabh Singh (added December 8, 2001)


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Francis Patrick Molloy (added February 16, 1998)

The Motion in Motive

a virtual chapbook
of poetry and prose


various authors (added November 10, 2007;
latest additions to chapbook August 29, 2008)

poems and essays on
September 11, 2001
various authors (added September 11, 2002)

On the Edge of the Pulsewave various authors (added January 14, 2007)

Poem, Story, Remembrance

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Leola Claiborne Carhee (added September, 22 2000)

Sideways. Carolyn Anderson Miller

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Carolyn Anderson Miller (added August 23, 2002)

Soul Dancing Anne Foxbank (added January 31, 2000)
Be advised that there is nudity in some of the illustrations

standing in a photo next to Now

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J. Kevin Wolfe (added February 15, 1999)

'STARTING FOR THE SUN' a novel by K.L.Storer The first five chapters of the novel manuscript by K.L.Storer -- now with revisions and additions (added February 28, 2006;
Chapters 4-5 added April 13, 2006)

TANDEM RAMBLE Anne Foxbank On the production board

click here for details

Terrapin Architecture

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Nick Pici (added March 5, 1998)

van gogh says

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J. Kevin Wolfe (added April 29, 1998)



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