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Francis Patrick Molloy

Ancient Rhythms

the wind is howling, beating on the door
shaking rafters and sending demons in the attic
the blinds shiver and drafts poke about my hands and face
i am summoned.

i breathe out and see the ghosts leave me
wandering around the quilts that mummify me
as i listen to the show

the sea beats out its booming symphony.
Wagner tried to sound like this.
but it's different when you're lying in your bed
and the ocean roars about twenty feet away.
waves hit the beach -- angels drums!
and as they subside they leave in their wake
the enormous applause of the beach rocks
worn smooth to perfection like a heavenly audience.

for this Maestro will always reign,
whether by force, tranquility or rhythm.

older than mere earth.
it was long supreme when it spat out man some billion or so years ago.
i crawled upon the shore -- with a lobster's mind
and bowed to thee.

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© 1998 Francis Patrick Molloy, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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Author Notes

           This pays homage to the Master of the world. Anyone in doubt? Check out good ol' El Niño, or even better, check out the box office -- there's a "Titanic" testament to the ways of the sea!

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