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Francis Patrick Molloy

newfoundland ghost poem

ghost nets glide around our waters,
moving to the big currents,
and they have no control:

over where they go,
or where they land.

they drift around and catch whatever comes their way.
back and forth, slow and easy
in the big waters.

they found one today with a thousand pounds of fish!
that's about four quintals!


most think ghost nets are good for nuttin' nuisances.

i don't know what to think.

i think i'll go. . . .

i got a brother in ALBERTA!
(there's lots of work there)
igotfriendsinUS/BC/TO/etc.etc.etc. . . . . . . . . .

they all seem lost somehow,
in this Truly Global Economy.

they plan to come back someday,
or at least they hope to,
if things get better.
"we'll see what happens, anyway"

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© 1997 Francis Patrick Molloy, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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Author Notes

           I would appreciate any comments. . .

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