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The Motion In Motive

a virtual chapbook of poetry and prose




(August 29, 2008 version)

K.L.Storer The Motion In Motive virtual chapbook is, as stated, a work-in-progress. We (you and I) are building it piece by piece, poem by poem, story by story. We will locked it into place as "finished" in just a few days, September 1, 2008. There is still this weekend to submit prose or poetry.

As we have built this motion in motive, prose, poetry and have been posted as each was accepted. I'm sorry to report that no artwork/illustrations have yet to come in, and the submission period for those is likely to be extended *(see the Submissions Guidelines page for the authoritative up-to-date on this).

And our first piece of work is the poem "Short Ode to the Future and Storms," by Scott Francis Kaliszewski. Scott returns to WG after nine years, having last appeared in August, 1998 with the poem, "Love Under the Full-Moon Red." Scott now opens The Motion In Motive -- and, like all the other writing, his poem still needs an illustration.

Next is Jimmy Chesire, whom I happen to know, who gives us a lovely, sweet little story entitled "The Boy in Blue" -- which the film maker in me pegs as potential as a short-subject narrative movie (for a director who can work well with a cast of children). At the same time came "A Sadness to Be Said" *by someone else I happen to be familiar with.

A few months later Prasanna Surakanti gives us the poem "Sun Dial," which I include because I saw, hidden in its poetry, the fantasy of the motion in motive, and a desire of action by motive.

As of this update, I give you Ms. Anne Foxbank, finally back after several years with the new poem "You'll Do Fine," which ends this addition to the line up, and an older poem, "Another Planet," which is a prime example of the lady poet at her most excellent. Packing a lot into two short poems is Michael Lee Johnson with "Charley Plays a Tune" and "Harvest or the End." Then, Matthew L. Cole also condenses much into his own short poem, "The next Chapter." Leonardo Dee is back with another of his energetic poetic puzzles, "Thought It." In the prose area, we have a psychological fiction piece, with a bit of an attitude and a weird twist that would make a very, um, provocative idea for the illustration: "The Other Side of Me." Then, there's a poem by the same author as "A Sadness to Be Said," the poem having its first draft while he was in college, then a rewrite some years back.

In the past, as I have edited together the chapbooks at WG, I have been judicious about the placement and order of each work, whether it be all work by one author or the several instances of various authors. The order of the work creates a certain dynamic unique to itself. This time, I am surrendering to the caprice of happenstance. The order will be quite literally the order in which items are accepted and consequently posted. I may get some chance to play with this when I have accepted several things at the same time. But the general order and dynamic will be controlled by the chronology of submission, acceptance and posting. The motion of the motive will ebb and flow on its own energy wave.

So, what was (is -- for the next few days) eligible? Any prose or poetry that reasonably addresses The Motion In Motive will be considered. However, prose pieces with an overtly academic flavor did not (will not ) make the cut. That does not mean written from a frame-set of intellect, it means I don't care much for prose that look like a masters or doctoral thesis, or someone's school essay assignment. Other than that, anything is fair game so long as it actually is written well enough.

And, as you can see from the front page and everything that is thus-far included, I invite you graphic artists to jump into our motion. I call for artists and photographers to submit images to be considered as the main artwork for the chapbook and for the all illustrations for the prose and poems here. All the images, including the main image, are, to beat a dead horse, likely going to be open for submission for a while. Check back, at this point I am thinking perhaps for the next couple months or maybe until December 31. I will update this introduction page when I have made my decision about an extension.

To keep things clean, once an image has been picked, that's it for the illustration for that particular piece of writing -- no more submissions of illustrations will be accepted for it. Each posted prose or poetry piece will be eligible for the illustration until it has its image. Directly after the choice has been made that fact will be clearly posted until the image is up. As far as my own artwork, at some point, for each, I will decide I have given submissions enough time to come in and will use my own.

You authors (if there are any this weekend) may submit your own illustrations so long as the following conditions are met: 1) if you are not the creator of the images you must have verifiable proof of permission and rights to use the image in conjunction with the chapbook; 2) you understand that acceptance of the writing and of the image are not inclusive -- I may not choose to use your art even if I accept your writing, and I may use my own or others' images to illustrate the work.

There is no required slant to the images in terms of color schemes or style. But, of course, you who are submitting graphics, as with writing, must be in control of copyright clearance to grant the WriteGallery rights to post the work.

Again, for up-to-date detail on submissions of words or images, see the Submissions Guidelines page.

The title, the theme, is simply a word play by me. The thought of the motion, or the motions, in a motive seemed to me a notion that invokes diverse and provocative interpretations and ideals, both in word and image.

Stay tuned. More importantly, contribute to the movement: words, for the next few days; images for the next *(TBA).

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