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poems and essays on September 11, 2001

America's Resolve

Kathy Eastwood

America is a nation still in grief. The idea that our country has been attacked by enemies cloaking themselves in blood, while invoking the name of God has pierced America's collective heart. We have seen attacks on Americans around the world with the U.S.S. Cole and attacks on our embassies, probably by the same people. The World Trade Center has been attacked before and now they have finished the job. Now they have gone too far with thousands of innocent lives taken from us.

           We built a nation, winning our independence by the skin of our teeth, yet we prevailed. We began the arduous task of forming a country based on the principles of democracy, freedom and liberty. Later, people came to America though Ellis Island searching for a better life for themselves and their children. America was and still is the land of the free. People, from countries surrounded by walls to keep people in, have found their way here. We have spent millions in aid to countries that are bent on our destruction.

           The founders in their wisdom, refrained from forming a state religion and banned the democratic government from interfering with the worship of religion. Many have sought refuge to our shores for that reason alone.

           Most of us view God as a benevolent God. As we have discovered, some view God as an instrument of destruction, evoking His name for willful and wanton death in search of power and domination.

           Those who corrupt the Muslim religion have pronounced an Islamic Jihad on us. We must remember that these are extremist groups and do not reflect the true Muslim religion. We cannot amplify our wrath at the terrorists bizarre interpretation to include those who have no wish to do us harm. Muslims are numerous in this country and our fellow Americans. Already misplaced violence from our anger has destroyed Mosques in the land of the free. If we give in to our anger and strike at targets because of their faith, we are no better than they are and that is not what our country stands for.

           We must eradicate terrorist strongholds everywhere if we are to continue sustaining civilization. Barbarians have no country of their own, preferring to hide in small groups like circling sharks to strike from within. Those who have succeeded in denting our country had no idea what our people are made of. They will find out albeit the hard way. We have strengthened our resolve and will continue to be a diverse nation and continue to do what we can to broker peace to those who have yet to experience it despite objections.

           We are rising out of the ashes with a very strong and coordinated effort to tame the terrorist who have no wish to join with society and civilization, but follow a path of barbarism and hate. They, who have no concept of what civilization means except for the corrupted rationalizations used to convince themselves that their beliefs are the only true belief. They, who enslave their people with those beliefs, convincing their people to die for a useless cause. They will win nothing but world wide contempt. It is simply an excuse for power and control. Submission has never been the American Way.

           America has paid dearly for our way of life. Global wars and conflicts have been experienced by virtually every generation. Whenever the United States was looked to for assistance, we were there ready to help, sometimes at the cost of American lives. Young men and women of almost every generation have given up their lives guarding the principles our founders have set forth over 200 years ago.

           We are rightfully proud of who we are despite our divisions in political thought. Elections, gun control and religious issues are put away for a common cause. In times of trouble, Americans have always rallied behind each other to stand together against tyranny and despots. This is one of those times. Lets us come together, with malice towards no American and a prayer for a swift end to those who breached our shores. We will not be intimidated, we will fight back, and we will not give in to the whims of morons.

originally posted at the WriteGallery on October 9, 2001

About the Author (click here) © 2001 Kathy Eastwood, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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