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poems and essays on September 11, 2001

The Attack On America

Rebbell N. Watts

On September 11, 2001, Americas World Trade Centers and the Pentagon were attacked by a faceless enemy, and the people of America stood in shock and mourning while each heart analyzed the situation and looked for the resolve of this matter.

           As hijacked commercial airlines crew and passengers found their lives in the hands of terrorist groups with pinpointed destinations, Americans went about their daily missions in the work place with no idea of what was about to occur. These hijackers didn't need military weapons or nuclear bombs to attack the people and government of America. They needed liberty and opportunity, which is exactly what they got when they entered the United States seeking out a license to fly. We greeted them with open arms and taught them how to fly and now suffer the consequences of ruin.

           Americans have watched TV and have seen many acts of rebel troops recently in the streets of Palestine and could not begin to comprehend what those people were encountering. Now war has lit on our doorstep and has become real in our nation as well. The bravery and unity of American troops excels in great range, from our government and its quick actions, to military troops, police officers, firefighters, doctors, nurses, construction workers, media, blood donors, religious leaders, those who pray and those who are not alive today to tell their story of how they kept one of the planes from reaching its destination and fell to their death in a rural area of Pennsylvania.

           Reality is setting in for many as the people they love and friends long kept are not returning home. Reality is setting in for many as government officials discuss strategic movements and special force operations, which are being called Operation Infinite Justice. Reality is setting in for many as our flag flies over a pile of rubble and pieces of body parts mixed within the ashes of the devastating acts of rebel terrorists. Americans search their hearts for understanding of the liberty and opportunity our flag stands for. Through blinded eyes we look on and make hasty judgments to rid the world of evildoers and in the pursuit of justice affecting many nations. I believe we are witnessing the first chapter of World War III.

           May God have mercy on us all.

originally posted at the WriteGallery on November 25, 2001

© 2001 Rebbell N. Watts, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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