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poems and essays on September 11, 2001

End Bit

It is mid-afternoon on the first anniversary of the attacks as I write this last piece for the chapbook. My day has been spent finishing the production of this collection while the TV has been dedicated to 9/11 memorials and specials. What I can say most about this last year is that once again we have shown ourselves that we Americans are a sturdy stock. That's not an ethnic observation. It's to do with the sort of people we are born, or we become, if we were born somewhere else first. The heritage of freedom that is birthright, or that is sought, is a powerful thing. An American is hard pressed to give it up when it's threatened. We awaken, we rally, we bounce back, we get motivated, we get the job done. We often disagree with each other and have very different ideas about what we are, who we are, and how we should go about our business. But we would all fight for the rights of those who do disagree with us to disagree with us. That is the biggest threat we represent, and it is the biggest sword we yield. As patriotic sentimentalism fades, the real, nitty-gritty, passionate but practical patriotism surfaces. That's what those who want to hurt us have the most to fear from. Not that we fly flags on our cars -- but that we're not about to let someone prevent us from flying flags on our cars.


© 2002 K.L.Storer, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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