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poems and essays on September 11, 2001


Forward K.L.Storer       

Distant Witness Kelly Ann Malone poem

The Terrorist's Heart zephyr poem

The Void Kathleen Prime poem

We Will Prevail Angela Swanger poem

To George W. Bush Vinod Prakash Verma poem

The Awakening John J. Hacker poem

World Of Tears Ron Fields poem

untitled 911 poem Deborah Whipp poem

America's Resolve Kathy Eastwood essay

Poems for America Deborah Hogarth McDermott poem

Oh Nine Eleven Oh One Shelly Reed poem

Protect Our President! Estelle Huntley poem

We are America Angela Swanger poem

Search and Recovery Sandra Tournas poem

Life In These United States Kathleen Patricia Egan poem

America (A Flag Bent
but Not Broken)
Marten A. Mol poem

The Attack On America Rebbell N. Watts essay

Victim Deborah Whipp poem

America Jon Newkirk poem

Where The Towers Once Stood John J. Hacker poem

(Two Weeks) After 911 Day Heather A. Brown poem

Unanswered Call? Angela Swanger poem

My Twin Brother Jennifer poem

Tragedy zephyr poem

September 11, and My Country J.C. Haynes essay

One Week Later --
September 18, 2001
Cristine M. DiMario poem

Spirit of a Nation Deborah Whipp poem

Life's Story John Unger poem

Entreaty Shelly Reed poem

Ground Zero Timothy McNeal poem

Fallen Heroes Angela Swanger poem

In Case You Didn't Know Sean W. Tucker poem

The Eagle Has Landed John J. Hacker poem

Windows After 9/11 Don Whitmer poem

Freedom's Cost Deborah Whipp poem

I Dreamt A Longer Moment Byron Livingston poem

Aftermath Kathleen Patricia Egan poem

A Catastrophic Day
in American History
Raina Hinman poem

The Mind of Thee Angela Swanger poem

...and then the whole thing broke D.L. Zimmerman poem

Five the Wounds Jacqueline Brook poem

September 11, 2001 Istvan Hesslein poem

Not Just Anne Foxbank poem

End Bit K.L.Storer       

This compilation NOT JUST: poems and essays on September 11, 2001
© 2002 K.L.Storer, All rights reserved.

However, the copyright for each individual poem and essay is in the
control of the author. All rights reserved.

Web design © K.L.Storer. All rights reserved.

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