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poems and essays on September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

Istvan Hesslein

Gershwin's gay garish Gotham 

today has joined the ranks 

 of Gaia's tragicopoles, 

London, Dresden, Gdansk 

for evermore. 

An unhallowed razor, 


so savagely, 

into the apple`s core. 

But please, 

spare us the braying 

of the semioticians of symmetry. 

Let them stay huddled, 


 in Zeno's corner, 



on the etymology and etiology 

the means/ends mission statements 

of "horror, " and "counterhorror," 

full frontal, lateral, and collateral, 

the feudal bloodline 

of our selfish genes, 

even unto the Big Bang, 

while we chew instead 

on whether high-tech sociopathy 

and low-tech superstition 

were indeed always slated 

to win the day, 


in life's no-sin, no-sum game 

of Gaussian roulette.

originally posted as part of the Not Just virtual chapbook, on September 11, 2002

About the Author (click here) Poem © 2002 Stevan Harnard, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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