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poems and essays on September 11, 2001

We are America
Angela Swanger

We are America Part I

America reeks of havoc as a multitude of civilian lives are crushed;
Manipulated and victimized at the hands of a perverse terrorist invasion.
In tremendous astonishment WE observe the downfall of infinite American Dreams;
Bewildered and weakened WE take heed of every word desiring a comprehensible explanation.
WE listen to no avail; Receiving only unfounded assumptions for our horrendous assail.
Devastated and despondent WE pray to Our Lord to cease the calamity bestowed upon us.
We are America, and in God WE trust.
WE must stand strong and unite as one nation UNDER GOD!

A New Day of Infamy Part II

An inconceivable catastrophe has stilled the heart of America, but WE will defend our
land, our home of the free.
WE morn the loss of yesterday.
Clothed in Red, White, and Blue and OUR flags flying at half staff;
WE have united as a nation.
Trepidation and heartache overwhelm US as WE replay the hideous events of
terrorism in our minds.
Enraged WE watch as victims are expunged from the crumbled towers and pentagon.
With overwhelming grief WE await the declaration of War; Retaliation is inevitable.
WE will not simply endure; WE will prevail.

originally posted at the WriteGallery on January 20, 2002

About the Author (click here) Poem © 2002 Angela L. Swanger, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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Author Notes

           It may not be exhibited in this poem, but I am a writer that is inspired by the words of William Faulkner. I feel that we, as writers/poets, hold the responsibility of communicating truths of the heart through the power of the pen.

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