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poems and essays on September 11, 2001

Windows After 9/11

Don Whitmer

I stood a thousand miles from Hell and watched the dolphins playing outside my window,
One morning a short eternity ago
I saw an electric window and watched the windows crash into the man-created Hell.
A thousand miles away inside my breaking heart
I saw the windows of my contemporariesŐ souls which had always been kept dry
Suddenly misted with the moisture of newfound tears.
I watched the electric window to see strangers plummet to Hell below.
Rather than be trapped behind the burning windows of the Hell above
And today I still see those windows smoking on the ground
Allowing nothing to escape but fire and brimstone.

Windows remain with dolphins playing as they did before.
Other windows shine holy light on brides and grooms and new baptized babies
Old men, young a day ago, watch untouched children run outside as they did before.
Nothing remains as it was before.
Everything remains as it was before.

originally posted as part of the Not Just virtual chapbook, on September 11, 2002

About the Author (click here) Poem © 2002 Don Whitmer, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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