"before pablo learned jazz" J. Kevin Wolfe

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before pablo learned jazz, J. Kevin Wolfe
The illustration, Pablo's Jazz, by K.L.Storer. © K.L.Storer, all rights reserved.


Bach Was Not a Mathematician       Cannibals       Miss De Milo's Fat Shoulders       tulips must be hindus       The Curious People       Liberty Had Che Guevera in a Headlock       Silk Yarn Sweater       Lover's Season       Mrs. Einstein       Dusk, My Love

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the compilation before pablo learned jazz © 2000 J. Kevin Wolfe, all rights reserved
*the individual works bear different copyright dates.
Refer to copyright notice at the end of each work

before pablo learned jazz web design © 2000 K.L.Storer, all rights reserved
design concept by K.L.Storer, with J. Kevin Wolfe

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