"Soul Dancing": the poetry of Anne Foxbank

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Soul Dancing, the poetry of Anne Foxbank
The illustration, Soul Dancing, by K.L.Storer. © K.L.Storer, all rights reserved.


About the Author (click here) the compilation Soul Dancing © 2000 Anne Foxbank, all rights reserved
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Author Notes

           I just want to delve into the truth -- that's all. I write to find it. I am not so arrogant as to think I often do. But, I try. I have been told that I am "elusive in some ways and stark naked in other ways," and I do believe that to be true. That's why I whole-heartedly approve of the front illustration here, as well as all the others beyond. In a preemptive strike, I defend my illustrator (and editor). The images capture well myself and my poetry. I am sure a few of them will offend some who visit. I can't do anything about that. I embrace all the illustrations as exposing some truth of me, as I believe (or at least desire) does so my poetry. The exception being The Columbine Escape, which though still reflecting me in the poetry, obviously the image is not about me at all.

           About half these poems were already at this site, and one may notice that the individual author's notes for those poems have been pulled -- and neither do the new ones have such. Maybe a year back, I had an email conversation with someone about "...Autonomy...," where I said I was in the midst of writing author's notes for it, (as requested by K.L., WG's editor). She, the person I discussed with, told me she thought I should not do so. Her thought made real sense to me. In the spirit of that, and in tune with the little quote by me which K.L. has used in the poem index since back when I gave a hand around there, I have decided to affirm that:

poems need no comment

...even though the context is slightly different, here. But, I do invite your feedback about my work. My email is: annefoxbank@yahoo.com.

Anne Foxbank
Jan, 2000

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