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The Day Reality Asked Dreams For a Dance

One day Reality asked Dreams for a dance.
But Dreams declined.  "You are often
crude and would step on my hopeful feet."

Reality straightened his tie with the fate prints. "You never
take a chance.  This
joyous dancefloor awaits us.
Would you let a few
sore toes get in the way
of becoming yourself?"

Dreams folded her arms.  "Today yes.
Tomorrow maybe"

Reality snickered "You always talk
of tomorrow like he'll walk in the door,
kiss your hand, and
spin you endlessly."

Dreams turned her eyes.  "He will. For I
am a passionate kiss.  And you Reality,
you are but a cold fish handshake."

Reality stretched
his neck in the stiff ivory collar.  "Then I
shall dance with Yesterday."

Dreams looked Reality straight in the eye "Yesterday
knows only one dance."

Reality tugged his cufflinks "But
she knows it well.  And once again
you'll just sit here and watch.
Guzzling up
all the punch of Life."

"Sipping," murmured Dreams,
casually looking away, "slowly sipping".

Graphically intense version button © 1997 J.Kevin Wolfe, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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