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van gogh says

No Tomorrow

I have no tomorrow
but I rejoice
I know that life is but a candle flame
that can be snuffed by but a wisp

I live life as "last times"
the last time I'll see a friend
the last time I'll kiss my children
the last time my love and I entwine

each last time is a gift
one more gleaming chance
to hear the quiet groan of a lumbering sunrise
to sip the last drop of a melting sunset
to pocket a falling star
somewhere in the coat of your soul

I've seen fate
and it is but a rice paper partition
between boisterous life and voiceless death

every conversation final
make sure all is said

every question concluding
ask what you really want to know

every moment dying
cup it tight
and peek in to see the flicker
of a firefly called life

Graphically intense version button © 1997 J.Kevin Wolfe, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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