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"VOICES," the first virtual chapbook from K.L.Storer


  1. "Three Seconds in the Lives of Two Young People Who Haven't Met"

  2. "Shiloh"

  3. "The Falcon-Dream Mind of Gladys Davis-Parker"

  4. "Hanna's Trespass"

  5. Selected Poems

  6. "The Voices Said"

  7. K.L.'s Author's Notes for "Voices"

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the compilation Voices: the First Virtual chapbook from K.L.Storer
is copyright © 1997 K.L.Storer, all rights reserved
*individual works may bear a different copyright date.
Refer to copyright notice at the end of each work.

1st Work (click) "Three Seconds in the Lives of Two Young People
Who Haven't Met"

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