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Down For Me

Down for me
"Come Down For Me" photo by David P. Sims and see,
ocean-scape skater,
beach lander,
sailor's trespasser.
Know a hand that
won't clutch.
Trust no freedom's
Show me a
boy's question.
I'll show you
a woman's heart.
No garbage-food
-- no lure;
except accept --
I you,
you me,
us we.
A moment,
one moment,
Theater of union;
not small,
Some few
bang to fire.

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poem © 1992 K.L.Storer
photograph © 1992 David P. Sims
all rights reserved


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© 1994 K.L.Storer,
 all rights reserved


What Pulls From Me A Cry Still Pained and Haunted

What pulls from me a cry still pained and haunted
by the dreams of skin and heat and breath and sweat
as we loved and hated and gave and took and wanted
from each other, for each other, parting always as we met?
Which dervish demon crashes through my walls
dragging out such hints of smiles and bruises
and displays the younger us like jaded dolls
which tell the story of our wars and truces?
Is it love or age or passion unsatisfied?
Which slashes out from in with memory's sword?
What shouts that what is dead hasn't yet died?
In which musical note resonates this chord?
           To fight until the end, just kept at bay:
           With the passionate muse of yesterday.

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© 1997 K.L.Storer, all rights reserved

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