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U.S. Copyright Office Home Page

Center for Intellectual Property and Copyright
University of Maryland University College

A Resource On COPYright OWNership
For The Higher Education Community

Copyright & Fair Use
Stanford University

Copyright & Fair Use:
Articles and Publications

also from Stanford University

Copyright basics
The Poetry Exchange

Copyright FAQ and Copyright Resource Page
by Terry Carroll

Copyrights in Cyberspace

The Copyright Website

Crown copyright in cyberspace
Université de Montréal

Digital Future Coalition
Washington, DC

"Fair Use in the Electronic Age:
Serving the Public Interest"

A working document from the
Association of Research Libraries

The Implications of Links
-- Axioms of Web architecture

An Intellectual Property Law Primer
by J. Dianne Brinson and Mark F. Radcliffe

Intellectual Property Library
U.S. House of Representatives

[Ten] Big Myths About Copyright Explained
by Brad Templeton

Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders
Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
University of Texas at Austin

On Web Publishing and Plagiarism
by K.L.Storer


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