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The WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site is copyright © 1997-2021 K.L.Storer, and all rights are reserved. This is blanket copyright for all content appearing at this web site in its presentation here. However, it does not necessarily apply to other uses of the content, as is further addressed in the following paragraph and other places on this web site.

The copyright for each individual or collective work at this site belongs to the creator or creators of that work (as authors, artists, photographers, or other), unless it is specifically stated otherwise. In other words, all rights for all writing and graphic representations, which appear at the WriteGallery as original works, revert back to the author or creator. All work is used here by express permission of the copyright owner, as implied by the submission of the work, or by the copyright owner's agreement to allow solicited work to appear here. The WriteGallery and its owner (K.L.Storer) retain only and solely the right to display these works at the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site, and for one use in the WriteGallery newsletter, unless other agreements have transpired between this site and a copyright owner. The "right to display these works at the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site" has no ultimate time limit for any work that has appeared here as of January 1, 1999 and later. The agreement is fully detailed on the "Copyright Agreement" page.

The copyright for all web design and presentation at the WriteGallery Creative Web Site is owned by K.L.Storer, under the blanket of the copyright for the site as a whole. This includes the presentation (IE:design and layout) of all original works (prose, poetry and graphics), of which the copyrights within are owned by others.

    As an example: the copyright for a poem is owned by the poet; the copyright for the web page and all design of said page on which the poem appears, is owned by K.L.Storer. So, if you are interested in publishing the poem, you must contact the poet. If you want to present it as it is presented here (IE: design of presentation), you must also contact K.L.Storer.

General Credits
(and some more copyright info)
  • WriteGallery wallpaper, button and banner graphics (static and animated) are created by and © K.L.Storer.
    • The Get Firefox button is © & (TM) The Mozilla Foundation.
    • The animated Netscape Now button is © Netscape Communications Corporation.
    • The Text Wrangler image is © Bare Bones Software.
    • The copyrights of thumbnail icons on the Hot Links to Cool Distractions page are noted below.
    • As best as can be determined, the Free Speech blue ribbon is public domain.
    • The Page One Award image is © Page One.
  • all graphics (photographs or otherwise) supplied by authors or artists are © by the authors, artists, or other outside parties (in original form); any extreme design manipulation (beyond cropping, minor color-tinting, or re-sizing) done by the WriteGallery is copyright K.L.Storer as WriteGallery web design

Thanks to:
  • Scott Burright, Will Enns, Anne Foxbank, Glenn Horton, Lou Lala, Scot Laurence, Weld McKinney, Thurston Nilsson, Ran Raider, Jim Rittenhouse, and Lee Tonelero.

Hot Links Thumbnail Icons
Hot Links thumbnail icon image copyrights attributed to K.L.Storer may only deal with the ownership of the images as presented here, as some of the images may be original renditions of words or images under trademark protection by other parties
  • ACLU image © K.L.Storer.
  • Beatles logo ® Apple Corps.
  • Beesweb image © Richard Thompson
    *designed: K.L.Storer; based on images from the Beesweb web site
  • Kate Bush image © EMI/Kate Bush.
  • Coffee Shop Times image © The Coffee Shop Times.
  • Cyber Diver image © Ran Raider.
  • Cyberslapp image ©
  • Dark Shadows image © K.L.Storer.
  • Elephant Talk image © K.L.Storer.
  • Extra-terrestrial landscape (PD).
  • Flame Warrior (Furious Typer) © Mike Reed
  • HoTwEiRd image ©
  • Abdr. Kosh image © PTEN Consortium.
  • John Lennon image © K.L.Storer.
  • Lethargic Lad image © Greg Hyland.
  • David Lettermen image © CBS.
  • Paul McCartney image © MPL Communications.
  • Millennium image © ® Fox Broadcasting Co.
  • the Monkees logo: ® Rhino Records.
  • Michael Moore.Com image © Michael Moore.
  • MST3K turning globe © Best Brains, Inc.
  • Alfred E. Newman image: TBA
  • Nilsson image © RCA & Nilssonhouse Productions.
  • Bill Nye image © KCTS Television.
  • Conan O'Brian image © NBC.
  • Ohio, "Hang on Sloopy" image © K.L.Storer.
  • The Onion image © ® Onion, Inc.
  • Pegasus image © David Harris.
  • Picasso image © K.L.Storer.
  • Post Modern Culture image © Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame image © K.L.Storer.
  • Rocky & Bullwinkle image (TM) & © Ward Productions.
  • Todd Rundgren image © Todd Rundgren. -- designed: K.L.Storer with approval.
  • Scriba Org image © Gard E Abrahamsen.
  • SETI@home image © SETI@home. -- designed: Kimmo Hyotyla.
  • image ©
  • Star/question mark image © K.L.Storer.
  • Steely Dan image © K.L.Storer.
  • TOMPAINE image ©
  • Trincoll Journal image © Trincoll Journal.
  • Unisys Weather image © Unisys corp.
  • U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission image © U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission.
  • UTNE READER image © Utne Online.
  • image © Will Davis.
  • X Files logo image © ® Twentieth Century Fox.
  • Frank Zappa image: TBA
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