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Please read this -- you are agreeing to these terms whether or not you have familiarized yourself with them.

When you submit your work to us you are granting the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site the following rights:

  1. to publish your work at this site for a minimum of six months with an indefinite maximum, at the WriteGallery's discretion.
  2. archival rights to the work, in relation to this web site only. The WriteGallery may remove a work for a negotiated period of time, but, retains the right to post it here again after that period is concluded.

    This includes a definition of "this site" if it changes name but has enough of the same content that it can be understood to be an evolution of the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site.

    NOTE FROM K.L.: This means the WriteGallery is not obligated to pull your work from the site after it is posted here. The WriteGallery may, at my discretion, temporarily pull material because you have a publishing deal that includes that material. I am more than willing to negotiate the period for which it is down. I will not, however, do such in the case of prose or poetry that is the part of a chapbook. Chapbooks are whole units and to remove any part of that whole is not acceptable to me. It will not be done -- be aware of that when you submit work, writing or graphics, for a chapbook.

    I also must add it might likely be more beneficial to you (and the publisher) for the work to stay up and include information about the new publication, as that will likely be good publicity. And in all cases, whether it's chapbook work or not, please expect me to not comply with a request to permanently pull any of your work.

    If this is a copyright agreement you are not comfortable with, you should reconsider submitting work here.

  3. one use, each, of any particular work of yours, which is, or will be, posted on the site, as featured writing in the WriteGallery email newsletter, The WG Reporter.

  • It is the usual case that a work is never pulled, but remains available from first posting.
  • Please understand the WriteGallery only assumes the right to publish the work at this site and to use it in The WG Reporter. You are not granting the WriteGallery any other rights. *(see next item)
  • Any other use by the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site of the work will be dealt with in a separate agreement. To this end, it behooves you to submit more contact information than just your email address. So that WG has the best chance of contacting you, you should provide your real name (even if you write under an assumed name), your telephone number, your postal address, and your primary email address (though you may provide a different email for posting at the site).

    By default, the copyright owner name will be your legal name and the copyright year will be the year of publication at the WriteGallery, unless you specify otherwise. Be advised that you have better copyright protection if your legal name is used for ownership. If you do wish to use your author name for copyright, give us specific instructions to post your author name as copyright owner or we'll post your legal name. As for copyright year, generally speaking, it should be that of the first publication of the version in question.

    By international treaty, registration of the work with the Library of Congress (in the U.S.) or other equivalent agencies in other countries, is not necessary to give you legal ownership of your work. You own the copyright from the moment the creation is set in fixed form (on paper or stored electronically) and retain all rights until you agree to give some or all of them up. See also the copyright statement on the Copyright & Credits page. For more information on copyright in general see the links on the Copyright Information page.

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