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The Cripple of Inishmaan
by Martin McDonagh
Directed by Greg Smith

The Dayton Theatre Guild
2330 Salem Avenue, Dayton, Ohio
March 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 2004

My gift to the cast and crew
My gift to the cast and crew
    This, presented in a frame, was my gift to most all the lovely people who I had the privilege to return to acting in the company of. For those whom the text here is a bit hard to read, the first two printed pieces of news are below. As well, the third piece of news was something personalized to each cast and crew member. I had first thought about not putting the third here, but, decided I wanted to further share my gratitude for this wonderful group of people. So, for those who care, all the personalized notes, which were, of course, handwritten on each plaque, are also included.

    By-the-way: the idea of the three pieces of news comes from Johnny Pateen's favorite method of "news divulgin'."

    I'm also quite sure there were people very integral to the production, but somewhat removed, as well as others involved, whom I have overlooked recognizing -- and for that, I am sorry. If one of you happens to read this:


      The plaque text:

      K.L. does have three pieces of news to be tellin' ya this day. I'll save the best piece of news for last, so's'you will be waitin' for it.

      Me first piece of news:
      What a privelege and fortune did I have to return to acting in the company of such a lovely and talented group of people!

      Me second piece of news:
      How grateful am I for the kindness, support and patience shown to me!

The personalized, "Third pieces of news,"
on each Cripple of Inishmaan gift plaque:

Greg Smith
photo © Natasha Randall

Greg Smith

Greg Thanks for all your great help getting me back to an actor; your direction was nothing less than superb!!

Barbara Coriell
photo © Terry Ronald

Barb Coriell
(Kate Osbourne)

Barb: Watching you and Dodie was an object lesson in a professional attitude toward the stage. I think you set more tone than just that for the audience. It was nice to have your calm.

Dodie Lockwood
photo © Terry Ronald

Dodie Lockwood
(Eileen Osbourne)

Dodie: Watching you and Barb as the aunts was a delight. You work off each other so well! And your professionalism set a good tone! I'm glad to have had you in my first cast.

Matthew W. Smith
photo © Terry Ronald

Matthew W. Smith
(Cripple Billy Claven)

Matt: Kudos for a Great performance that centered the show and was easy to work off of. I hope we are cast together in the future!

Craig Roberts
photo © Terry Ronald

Craig Roberts
(Bartley McCormick)

Craig: Let's hope you weren't type cast, because Bartley was so wonderfully simple headed! You brought off some very funny moments. Hope we work together again.

Natasha Randall
photo © Terry Ronald

Natasha Randall
(Helen McCormick)

Tosha: Helen was deliciously mean. And her transformation at the end of Act II was wonderful! It may have been Greg's idea, but you pulled it off. Hope to work with you again.

John Spitler
photo © Terry Ronald

John Spitler
(Babby Bobby Benton)

John: It was fun gettin' beat by you -- despite the "needle incident"; Loved your Babby Bobby and hope we work together again.

James Lockwood
photo © Terry Ronald

James Lockwood
(Dr. Mcsharry)

Jim: It was fun sparring with you on stage. Thanks for the example of a pro, which you provided so well.

Barbara Jorgensen
photo © Terry Ronald

Barb Jorgensen
(Mammy O'Dougal)

Barb: I want to especially thank you for all the support, advice and kindness you've shown. Everyone was so good at welcoming me -- but you were more so and I am grateful.

Jocelyn Kandl

Jocelyn Kandl
(Assistant Director)

Jocelyn: To an A.D. EXTRAORDINARY. Great notes; valiant attempt to keep us in the greenroom; absolutely wonderful disposition! Hope to work with, or at least see, you on stage.

Bob Mills -- not pictured

Bob Mills
(Producer & Sound Engineer -- and more)

Bob: thanks for ALL the stuff you did!

Terry Ronald -- not pictured

Terry Ronald
(Lighting Designer & official Photographer)

Terry Thanks for shedding light on Inishmaan and for the great pictures.

Gina Yarber -- not pictured

Gina Yarber
(Lighting technician)

Gina: Thanks for lighting Inishmaan!

Carol Finely

Carol Finley
(a Jane of many trades)

Carol: Thanks for all the work to make the play happen!

and last, but, absolutely not least:

(a younger Jane of much assistance)

Kimberly: Thanks for hangin' out and helpin' out!

Gift image by and © K.L.Storer
Photographs © K.L.Storer
  unless otherwise stated
  -- all rights reserved.
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