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Jim Rittenhouse, Mike Schiwitz and K.L.Storer performing 'With a Little Bit of Luck' from the musical _My Fair Lady_, Spring 1974
Jim Rittenhouse, Mike Schiwitz and K.L.Storer (me) performing "With a Little Bit of Luck" from the musical My Fair Lady, at Wilbur Wright High School in Dayton, Ohio, Spring 1974 -- Picture courtesy of and © Jim Rittenhouse.

Here is a photographic record of my first theatrical appearance, as Jamey the Cockney, one of Alfie Doolittle's drinkin' mates in My Fair Lady. It's Spring 1974, just prior to my sixteenth birthday. The big guy is Jim Rittenhouse, who the picture belongs to. Jim was Alfie. The fellow in the middle is Mike Schiwitz, whom I would be in several other plays with, including The Dairy of Anne Frank where Mike was father to my Peter. For The Dairy of Anne Frank, Mike and I made the ultimate sacrifice for two sixteen-year-olds in 1974 (Fall); we both had our shoulder-length hair cut to play the role of WWII era characters. I'm pretty sure both Mike and I, along with others, also did the song "Get Me To the Church On Time" with Jim, in My Fair Lady. But, believe it or not I can't quite remember if I'm in that one or not.

By-the-way, I'm not sure I've spelled Mike's last name correctly. I'm looking into it and will correct the spelling if it needs it.

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