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  • The WriteGallery publishes literary fiction, poetry, essays and articles about writing (including articles on writers or writing programs/groups/projects), personal essays (including self-contained memoir pieces), genre fiction (sci-fi, horror, etc), and sometimes topical essays (politics, social, etc).

    As a general rule, as of August, 2005, all fiction, poetry and personal essays will be restricted to the theme-based chapbook literary updates, except for where specifically noted otherwise.

      The WriteGallery does not accept individual manuscripts longer than 5000 words, prose or poems.

      Submissions, per author, per each call for submissions are limited to the following, unless otherwise stated in a specific case:

      1. Three total prose pieces (any mixture of categories)
      2. Six poems

      • To submit any prose or poetry over the limit, you must first query.
  • Theme-based Virtual Chapbooks

    The basic literary updates are now theme-based chapbooks. Each such chapbook will hold the work of "various authors," who have submitted work which addresses the theme.

    Unless otherwise stipulated all the following types of work are eligible:

    1. Literary fiction
    2. Poetry
    3. Personal essays/memoirs
    4. Essays/articles on writing
    5. Any other form of essay: political, social, etc
    6. Genre fiction: sci-fi, horror, fantasy, etc

    Occasionally Added

    Other Essays/Articles on Writing

    Essays and articles on the art, process and world of writing, which are independent in theme and from inclusion in any chapbook, are accepted for consideration and publication at any time *(except for during periods of stated hiatus). An author may only submit up to three pieces of such essays/articles within a six-month period.

    Special Prose and Poetry Postings

    WINTER HOLIDAY: Prose and poetry on subjects appropriate for the Winter solstice/Christmas season are accepted for consideration. Work accepted is placed in a special index from mid November through late December, though the work stays in the general indices and is available through such all year round.

    The writing need not be about Christmas; it just needs to be about things of love, or spirituality, or good will -- any of the things that say "Winter Holiday" writing.

    Please only submit such work when it is being called for. *(see the right column)

    HALLOWEEN: Ghost stories, other horror or genre fiction (as well as poetry) for the Halloween season are also posted during the Halloween season. Again, the work is listed in a special index for the holiday, but also stays in the general indices and is available through such all year round.

    Please only submit such work when it is being called for. *(see the right column)

    CHAPBOOKS OF PROSE AND/OR POETRY BY A SINGLE AUTHOR: If an author has an interest in a chapbook of her or his work being produced at the WriteGallery, the author must query K.L.Storer directly, first:




    Submissions of prose and poetry are no longer being accepted for this chapbook, but illustrations are still being accepted.

    What's eligible?


      Artists and photographers can also submit images to be considered as the main artwork for the chapbook or as an illustration for any particular prose piece or poem. The illustrations for each piece of writing will be picked when K.L. sees the one that grabs him. He, too, will be working on art or photographs to use and once he has finished his version that will be the oce used. To keep things clean, once an image has been picked, that's it for the illustration for that particular piece of writing -- no more submissions of illustrations will be accepted for it. Each posted prose or poetry piece will be eligible for the illustration until it is clear it has an image. Directly after the choice has been made that fact will be clearly posted until the image is up.

      Authors may submit their own illustrations so long as the following conditions are met: 1) if they are not the creator of the images they must have verifiable proof of permission and rights to use the image in conjunction with the chapbook; 2) they understand that acceptance of the writing and of the image are not inclusive -- K.L. may not choose to use the authors' art even if he has accepted the writing it illustrates, and he may use his own or another's images to illustrate the work.

      There is no required slant to the images in terms of color schemes or style. But, of course, you who are submitting graphics, as with writing, must be in control of copyright clearance to grant the WriteGallery rights to post the work.

    Limits and conditions

      Artists/photographers may only submit two images for each of the main graphic for the collection or two illustrations for any individual prose or poetry work (that's 2 images per prose piece or poem).

      Specs for graphics:

      1. must be free of text when submitted
      2. must be no smaller than 800 x 600 pixels but no larger than 1152 x 768
      3. Images should be at least 300 DPI -- lower DPI may result in rejection due to poor visual quality
      4. file type must be jpg or png
      5. file size can be no larger than 2 megabytes

      1. must be free of text when submitted
      2. must be no smaller than 400 pixels wide but no larger than 800 pixels wide *and the wider it is, the more the aspect ratio should favor the width
      3. Images should be at least 300 DPI -- lower DPI may result in rejection due to poor visual quality
      4. file type must be jpg or png
      5. file size can be no larger than 2 megabytes

      All illustrations should be attached to email to:


      The call for graphic submissions is open until the chapbook is fully illustrated.

    ONE FINAL NOTE -- IF YOUR PHOTOGRAPH OR ART WORK BECOMES A PART OF THIS CHAPBOOK, IT WILL STAY A PART OF THIS CHAPBOOK: This chapbook, like all others here, is meant to be a single unit, collected of parts that equal the whole. To that end it is to be published/posted as such with all the elements to be kept as a part of it. Thus, no work will be removed from the chapbook unless it is determined that the work is plagiarized or otherwise infringes on copyright.

    If the graphic is accepted, you are agreeing that such will stay posted with the chapbook. If you request later for any work to be removed, that request will be denied. The work stays with the chapbook. If you are not comfortable with this arrangement, don't submit work for the chapbook; you will be held to this agreement if your work becomes a part of this venture.

    CALLS FOR GENERAL ESSAYS/ARTICLES ON WRITING ARE ALSO OPEN -- *no more than three submissions in a six-month period.


    No other submissions will be read or responded to. A submission sent under the guise of a query letter will not be read or responded to.

    Query letters are to be as described in the sections below. They are to be real queries. Again, a submission masquerading as a query will be ignored.

    NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, notice of a decision to use or not use submissions will be sent within ninety days of original submission. If you, as an author with submitted work, need to withdraw your work from consideration, please inform us as soon as possible that the work is no longer available to us, so we will not spend time considering what is no longer available to accept.

  • At present, we do not pay for the work we publish.

You are agreeing to these terms whether or not you have familiarized yourself with them.
When you submit your work to us you are granting the WriteGallery Creative Writing Web Site archival rights to the work. This means this web site can keep the work posted permanently. But, with the sole exception of granting us the further right to one possible use of an accepted piece in the WriteGallery newsletter, WG Reporter, all other rights are retained by you. Also note that the WriteGallery will post, by default, the copyright notice for your work as belonging to the legal name you have provided, and with the copyright year as that of the posting here, unless you specify otherwise.
For full detail on the copyright agreement, which you ought to familiarize yourself with, click here: Copyright Agreement.
NOTE: The WriteGallery readily accept writing that has been previously published, paper or electronic. Bear in mind that some publishers who want previously unpublished manuscripts will count publication here as previous publication.


The WriteGallery will not give out your private information except what you indicate is for public consumption, unless it is determined that you may have plagiarized work presented here. The WriteGallery policy on plagiarism is to fully cooperate with the rightful copyright owners. We'll give them contact information on the alleged plagiarizer IF the accusers can prove they are who they say they are.


The more contact information you provide, the easier it will be to contact you if some other situation arises for publication of your work, or if a problem arises. First of all, though providing your real, legal name is not required, it's recommended, even if only for internal use. Looking into the future, WriteGallery anthologies in print, at some point, seem like a given.

The Ways To Submit Work

On-line submission form: the easiest    |    By email: still pretty easy


email to:

  • As email inclusions or *attachments
        Send attached documents in WordPerfect (WPD) format, up to and including WordPerfect 2000 (Win or Mac), MS Word (DOC), up to and including Word 2003/04 (Win or Mac), or ASCII (or ANSI) plain text.
  • Each manuscript is restricted to 5000 words or fewer: prose or poetry
  • Submissions are limited to three prose pieces and/or six poems for each literary update, unless more work is specifically solicited. If you wish to send more, you must query:
  • For submissions to the year-round general essays/articles on writing call, only three submissions in six months are allowed -- no exceptions.
  • Please include the following information:
      1. your legal name (not author name if such is different)
      2. primary email address REQUIRED
      3. secondary email address (if you want such posted at the site)

      4. *if you do not wish for any of your email addresses to be posted with your work, you must specify such. A WriteGallery alias email will be created for surfers to contact you. Email sent to the alias will be manually forwarded to you. You are then free to respond, or not, as you wish, either through the WriteGallery or directly to the surfer.
      5. phone number
      6. postal address
      7. category of submission REQUIRED
        • Fiction for theme-based chapbook
        • Poetry for theme-based chapbook
        • Essay/Article on writing for theme-based chapbook
        • Personal Essay for theme-based chapbook
        • Other sort of essay for theme-based chapbook
        • Genre fiction (specify: horror, sci-fi, supernatural, mystery, fantasy, or other) for theme-based chapbook
        • General essay/Article on writing (not for chapbook)
        • Winter holiday or Halloween writing *(be mindful whether such is currently being called for)
      8. the title or titles of the work submitted REQUIRED
      9. Specify the publication status of the work REQUIRED
          Provide the publication credits for previously published work -- the URL for the web site, or the issue of the print publication (all of the date, volume and issue number would be best)
      10. the author name if not exactly the same as your legal name
      11. copyright year and/or owner name -- if not the year of publication at the WriteGallery, or if not the same owner name as your legal name -- whatever applies.
      12. word count REQUIRED -- *(FOR PROSE OR EPIC/LONG POEM)
      13. a brief autobio
      14. you may also include brief author's notes on the piece
        • if you're not sure what "author's notes" are, read some of the notes at the end of work posted here. Or, see K.L.'s author's notes for his chapbook.
      15. If you have a web site, you may include the URL and it will be posted with your bio (if you provide one) and with your info on the "Author Info" page.
          Your URL may also end up on the "Literary Links," "Toolbox," or "Virtual Reference" page. -- maybe even on "Hot Links to Cool Distractions"
      16. If you want to include an image of yourself or an illustration for your writing, click here for details.

  • Short query letters (keep queries as short as you can -- following are examples of what you might do):
    • fiction/non-fiction story idea or synopsis -- 300 words
    • best 250 words from manuscript as well as a short message with relevant info about the manuscript
    • one short poem from a group thereof, or 250 words from a longer one, along with a short message with relevant info

On-line submission form: the easiest    |    By email: still pretty easy


How About Your Face
(or an illustration)?

what a face!!

  • send a picture of yourself and it will be included on your About the author page
  • You may also send an illustration for your writing
  • send the image in one of the following image file formats: GIF, JPG, or PNG
  • Images should be at least 300 DPI -- lower DPI may result in rejection due to poor visual quality
    • The WriteGallery reserves the right to crop, adjust color, and otherwise manipulate the graphics. WG will not render any graphics you submit beyond recognition -- unless it will be a supplementary image (such as for background wallpaper for a chapbook, for example). And, such supplementary use would be in addition to the recognizable version.
  • No more than two pictures of the author per submission call
  • No more than two illustrations per piece of writing
  • Specifics for a particular project, such as a theme-based chapbook, will over-ride whatever is specified in this section, when such is different.
  • all pictures supplied by authors are copyright by the authors or other outside parties (in original form); any extreme design manipulation (beyond cropping, minor color-tinting, or re-sizing) done by the WriteGallery is copyright K.L.Storer as WriteGallery web design.
  • You must have control of the copyright covering the image you send, or be able to prove you have permission to use the image with your work.


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