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Three Poems by Tommaso Avati


My Queen

She's calling me, my queen.
How could I not go.
That finger, like a mother's, is summoning me.
She is my queen.
And from her throne not one more sign.
An order, that was enough to be thought by her.
My queen, she is moving her finger.
And I, running, falling, fighting, I am running to her.
She, who's just turned.



We really did it? Did we really go to country?
And I spoke to you with love eyes, and I really had a dreamy look?
And when I spoke everything stopped? Is it true?
Did we really drink at the source that day in country?
And I made you smile? Did I make you smile truly?
I really made it seem as if I just was the true man and you the true woman?
Please just tell me, because I don't know anymore if I really did such things,
because I don't know anymore what I am now, I don't know what I had been.
So, tell me, please, a story, nothing else, help me to gather the frazzles of me.
Did I really kiss you like one who just never kissed before?
Is it true that when I walked the street people turned to look at my luminous slipstream?
Is true that I was luminous?
Is true that I was luminous?
Truth is that someone turned me off.



Sunlight from my eyes, sunlight from my eyes.
Eyes without a sunlight, give 'em light and voice,
eyes without a voice, gimme many words.
Sunlight from my eyes, sunlight inside my eyes,
sunlight, lots of sunlight.
Listen to my words, please look at these words,
and smell all this sunlight, and look at all my voices.
Take care of my skin, wash away the color, fill it up with light and
never-ending wings.
Sunlight from my eyes, sunlight from my dreams, sunlight from my nights,
sun inside the dead.
Dead without a sunlight, they're just like your voice,
that's speaking of a splendor while smelling like a sorrow.
Light without an odor then, light inside the light, light like the
emperor, drives and reigns my will.
But I need no more threads, no more wires can be pulled, and any king or
governor could never give me rule.
And if I watch the sky, the light that I receive, o sunlight from my
eyes, no way can be that real.
'Cause sunlight from my eyes, no light compares to you, your light is
just myself, and I am all the blue.

About the Author (click here) poems © 1998 Tommaso Avati, all rights reserved
 appear here by permission

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