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Four Poems by xbluemoonx




i wander alone in this darkness
reaching out for a warm hand to hold
someone to guide me through this world of pain
i cry out in the darkness
and listen for the voice
which will forgive me for my sins
forgiveness for what i have become
i open my arms
waiting for a warm embrace
for a shoulder to cry upon
to hide from the world in those arms which ease my fears and end my suffering
but my search will yield no results, no comfort, no hope
a thousand years i will wander alone



Poems © 1999 xbluemoonx, all rights reserved
 appear here by permission

Author Notes

"untitled but painful"

           This poem was written after one of the many fights I have with my mother, we do not get along at all, it is difficult living with her and I find myself writing mostly about her i.e. "mother" this poem was brought on by questions I asked myself after one of our fights, it is also my favorite, unfortunately.


           This was written for two reasons.

    1. I role play online as an artistic vampire who writes and this was a poem I wrote for my character and
    2. I was searching for that special someone at the time.

"first poem Inspired by A.W."

           I fell in love the week before hurricane Georges came, and as I sat through the worst part of the storm, at four in the morning by candlelight, I wrote this poem, my mind set on him and praying for his safety.


           Yet, again, this was written after a fight with my mother. This poem shows just how I feel after listening to her.

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