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Central Valley Moon

Rainier Mariano

                     What have you done to your poor hands?
                     She said.
                     As I stumbled away, drunken, beneath
                     the yellow sodium streetlight
                     that always makes my skin green.

                     Buying smokes and beer
                     just before closing
                     with money scraped together
                     by all of us.
                     Dreaming in the rusted bed
                     of a basket-case El Camino
                     swimming through the balsam
                     of city-planted trees.
                     Someone bitching,
                     the beer's gone luke
                     and out of smokes.
                     To late and far too early.
                     Nicotine sick and cottoned head spinning,
                     walking under the yellow waning moon,
                     alone in the Central Valley piedmont,
                     tired and my whirl-a-gig heart is pounding
                     the eventual way home.
                     And somewhere,
                     the yellow moon has punched its way
                     through the smeared window
                     of the one I truly love.

About the Author (click here) © 1997 Rainier Mariano, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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