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                     Dan Nielsen

                     Listened to the wind blow outside my window
                     watched the shaft of moonlight slice through my blinds
                     cutting through the darkness that lies between us
                     your skin reaching for heaven with its ethereal glow
                     You've come to me before tonight
                     whispered damnations into my wanting ear
                     as I lay awake and listened to the wind
                     never really certain you were near. . .

                     I've thought at times you were Salvation
                     come to save me from myself
                     Instead you offer only confusion
                     and a stark portrait of my immoral mortality
                     But even with my eyes closed, you know I can see
                     the way you slither through the moonlight
                     the minds eye is picture perfect when it comes
                     to embracing the shadows of your night. . .

                     I've never really felt that I would make it to heaven
                     the faith can't find its place within my soul,
                     only a seed that can find no purchase
                     but oh how you can make that damnation grow.
                     Angel, dark angel, guardian of my vice
                     I finally understand this game we play
                     flesh is forbidden.   Forsaken.
                     meant to be forgotten once we die.
                     You've come to me to remember
                     and to show me what it is to be Taken. . .

About the Author (click here) © 1998 Dan Nielsen, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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