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Angel's Diner

Angela Adame

Anita and Linda were driving home late Sunday night when out of the rear view window Anita saw a falling star.

           "Look Linda, a falling star. Make a wish."

           And as they both made a wish, the star, or what appeared to be a star, vanished before them. They looked at each other with confusion.

           "Anita where did it go?"

           "I don't know it looked like it blew up in the air."

           "Weird," they both said as they drove off.

           Five miles down the road they drove near a diner called Angeles, with a sign that read: "All Welcome." Anita pulled in and they got out for a bite to eat before heading home. Linda noticed the people staring at them when they both walked in. They looked at each other and sat at the far booth sipping the water.

           "Do these people look weird or is it me?"

           "No I think they have a staring problem"

           Both laughed.

           The waitress came over and took their order.

           "Hi Girls, my name is Amber. what can I get you both?"

           They both ordered the dinner special. The waitress took their order and walked off.

           Just then a man walked over to there table introduced himself as James, they both greeted him.

           "I wanted to ask you both if you wanted to visit our gift shop next door?"

           The two girls looked at him and Linda said, "Yes, after dinner we can."

           "Great. You'll love our merchandise of all our angels." James walked away and into the shop.

           The girls began to eat their dinner and talk about what just happen.

           "Linda, should we go in there or just leave?" Anita said.

           "No. Let's go see what he has too offer. There might be a sale. You know how we love sales."


           They both giggled.

           The girls finished their food and headed out to the shop and noticed it had a "closed" sign on the window.

           "I knew it was too late for a shop to be open, Linda," Anita said.

           "Yeah. Let's go," Linda said.

           Just before they got to their car, James walked up too them again, and startled both of them.

           "Sorry, Ladies I didn't mean to scare you," he said, and grinned.

           "Oh, well you did a little, " Linda said, "I thought your shop was open what happen?"

           "That's not the one. It's the one in the diner, in the back room."

           "Really? I didn't see a sign in there."

           "Yes. It was before you walked in. See. look at the door."

           "Oh. Yeah, I do. Sorry. I didn't notice it before."

           They all laughed. Anita and Linda walked with James to the diner again. When they got in they headed to the shop. The shop was lit in dim lights, and when they walked all the way in they saw what no other human would ever see in their lives. Anita and Linda both stared with fright and amazement.

           "Oh my God! Look at that Linda. What is it?"

           "I don't know but it's beautiful. Isn't it?"

           "Yes it is."

           What they saw was a man with eyes, blue as the sky, and skin as fair as a new born. He introduced himself as Marcus.

           "And who might you two be?" he said.

           "I'm Anita and this is my sister, Linda. How do you do?"

           "I am fine. Thank you. Why do you look at me with such fright?"

           "We're sorry," Anita said, "We don't mean to. But you look so unreal -- like fake."

           Marcus laughed and walked away.

           "Anita what is this place?"

           "I don't know but don't leave me if we have to run."

           James walked toward them and asked if they would like to sit down. They both sat down, still wondering what in the world was going on. Just then, two women sat next to them with the same features as Marcus.

           "Hello ladies," they said.

           "Hello. Can I ask what is gonna go on here?" said Linda.

           "in a few minutes you'll see, and you'll be amazed," said one of the women.

           The sisters looked at each other and started too really wonder.

           "Anita, I can't take it. I'm leaving. Are you coming?"

           "Wait. Don't you want to see what is gonna happen?"

           "No. I couldn't care less. Let's go."

           "All right. Let me get my purse. Geezers."

           They started to walk out. James stopped them and asked why they were leaving?

           "Sorry, James," Anita said, "But we think this is too weird for us, so we are going."

           "But you both have a chance to see what others are dying to see."

           "Dying to see? What are you saying?" Linda said.

           "Come back and find out."

           "No," Anita said, " we have to go."

           "Well, you both have a good night," James said, and then he smiled.

           As they drove off, they saw the diner light up and Anita couldn't resist it, she had to go back and see what was going on.

           "Linda we have to sneak a peek, please?"

           "Anita, are you crazy? What if they are aliens or something?"

           "There not. Come on."

           "Fine. But if we get killed, I'll kill you."

           "Whatever. Lets go."

           Anita turned off the car and they both walked over to the diner for a peek. What they saw, no other person had seen. They both looked at each other.

           Linda said, "Oh my gosh! What are they?"

           James came behind them and said, "Angels.

           "If you had faith and stayed, you would've been our chosen."

           "'Our chosen?' What do you mean?"

           "I mean, you would've been given the gift to walk with angels."

           They looked at each other and when they looked toward James he had vanished. So had the diner. They stood in the middle of the street with sadness, knowing they had almost had the gift to walk with angels.

About the Author (click here) © 2000 Angela Adame, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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