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Another Two by Francis Patrick Molloy



It stares      wide-eyed above a pile of trash
in a grocery cart.

Crushed pop cans glisten frozen spit in the morning mist.
Milk cartons with nothing in their hollowness.
Cat food covers cut open the horrible contents of the black bag innards;
meat on bones of once alive creatures           mashed potatoes.

Some cars notice the skinny grey thing with the cheap cigar and grocery
cart, smoke oozing out with frosted breath like at mills and factories,
spiraling and drifting up to the heavens.

it's a nice area, and this seems a bit weird,
but not to GarbageMan.
He does not glance at the golden windshields glaring in the morning light.
He is reflected for a second      man in machinery.

The cars pass him like dried up paper.
He does not care.

There will always be garbage.


Soccer Player from Lawn

I read his story
from a distance in a newspaper,
waiting for supper to cook.

A picture of a young man, defiant stare and a head full of hair.
A true lover of sport -- more often in cleats than shoes.
Sweat and dirt and the odd time a smashed nose.
Running and rollin on the pitch --
he was alive.

Beneath his skin an army rolled
crossin interior borders where blood and tissue make Man.
Multiplying and dividing to conquer,
it blitzkrieged thru.

Scientists and doctors detailed the offensive radiation strategy.
He took the news with expected shoulder shrugs and sports cliches

he said "don't count me out"/"this is my greatest challenge"

i wished him the best  as  i ate my supper

his picture a year later -- the same picture
headlined by the loss.

My stomach inside a white-knuckled fist.


i did not know him
but i see Us reading his story and cheering wildly
as nations once did in the great wars
unsure and afraid for the future.

About the Author (click here) Poems © 1998 Francis Patrick Molloy, all rights reserved
 appear here by permission

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