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Another Two Poems from Fred Houpt



About the Author (click here) Poems © 2002 Fred Houpt, all rights reserved
 appear here by permission

Author Notes

"God's Poem"

           With this type of poem I could keep on writing verses until I've reached a Byronic level. Not that I'm anywhere in the same league as the great beauty. I am somewhat uncertain about the poem insofar as it was such a stream of consciousness affair. I did labor quite a bit over it but I could not see the bottom or even the sides for it's volume. So, I rather abruptly put an end to the verses. Who knows, maybe one day I'll add more to them. I am quite happy with a few lines that came to mind, there are some strong verses. I especially enjoyed the vivid childlike attitude that I present as the central emotional level. These ideas come from a very broken and darkly hurting place within myself so it is somewhat autobiographical. It does speak directly from a profound struggle to re-calibrate my own beliefs, especially who I think God is and what role He plays in my karma. There are probably more such poems in me and I'll appreciate your kind feedback as the process continues.

"Father and Son "

           I was on the subway going home from work and was busy reading poems by Machado and Neruda (always a joy) and all of a sudden I saw the images float up in my mind. I turned over one of the sheets of poems I had been reading and started writing. In a few minutes I had the poem finished. It is about the sacrifice of Isaac. I have played around with certain Biblical references that are borrowed and inserted. However, the main story is accurate.

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