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Another Two Poems From Fred Houpt, Again



About the Author (click here) Poems © 2003 Fred Houpt, all rights reserved
 appear here by permission

Author Notes


           Reading the book Gettysburg, by Noah Andre Trudeau, knocked a few bits off the sides of my being. I'm very touched by Civil War studies these days, which have reached me very deeply.

"Change Your Mind"

           I had been thinking quite a bit about all of the different things I've tried, you know, to change the way my mind operated. To change the thoughts that functioned up here on the surface and even more the one's that always hide. Alas, I had decided, perhaps a bit harshly, that it has been in vain. The notion of changing one's mind suddenly seemed quite absurd; so with this theme very present, I just sat down and finding myself in a quiet state, I heard all those words come from somewhere. The poem felt like I was taking down dictation.

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