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About the Author (click here) Poem © 2001 La'Chris D. Jordan, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

This poem is also published in Ms. Jordan's book,
Musings of an Eccentric Dreamer, an anthology of love poetry.
See www.1stbooks.com.

Author Notes

           "Black and White " is one of many poems from my recently published book entitled Musings of an Eccentric Dreamer. The poem's birth came out of the novel that I am currently writing. It also comes from a personal experience. It is about a black woman struggling with her genuine feelings of love -- a love that she knows can never be fully realized (she is a slave) for a white man. It is a desperate love that causes a great deal of anguish and sadness within her soul, but she also has a strong sense of determination and belief that one day they will be together. I also wanted to show that despite the external dynamics that are keeping them apart, love knows no boundaries nor rationalizes secular restrictions. I wanted the reader to see her cry. I felt by doing this, I could emphasize the forbidden and unrequited love theme a bit more. I also wanted to humanize her dilemma rather than simply preach about racism. I loved writing this poem as I was able to speak for her. I was an observer who was able to feel her emotions for myself.

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