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"Christmas Poems by Kathleen Patricia Egan"


          Mary and Joseph

          Most of the time she feels
          like any other expectant mother
          Most of the time he
          is just as proud as any father-to-be

          but she cannot stop
          the icy fingers of dread
          from squeezing her heart
          as she sees her unborn son's destiny

          with tight-lipped anger he remembers
          the raised eyebrows and not quite sneers
          that accompanied the hasty wedding
          and the rapid swelling of her belly

          he knows somehow
          that he will not live to see his son's fame
          and trembles for his wife
          who will bear the pangs of childbirth

          and hold Yeshua's crucified body
          in her arms

Author Notes

           This poem is not quite scripturally accurate because the angel Gabriel did not tell Mary the "downside" of being the mother of the Messiah (she received that news when she and Joseph presented the baby Jesus in the temple).

          Christ's Mass

          Rites of love
          and sublime wisdom
          Beyond these
          is found

About the Author (click here) "Mary and Joseph" © 2000 Kathleen Patricia Egan, all rights reserved
"Christ's Mass" © 2002, Kathleen Patricia Egan, all rights reserved
 both poems appear here by permission

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