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Domestic Terrorism

Michael Angelo Lesesne Jr.

400 years
Sisters and brothers
Hopes, dreams, aspirations
The struggle continues
Our song, our sad saga wails the cacophony of melancholia
But pride, pride is our prize
Our hope, our everlasting heritage

Forget the new world order
Privacy is futile
Mum is the word
But blatant are the actions

Cut us
Beat us
Deny us
But you will not destroy us

Like cool water heated by the blazing sun
We'll rise and disappear
But return with a raging downpour and outcry of injustice
Soaring like an eagle
Courageous and bold
Proclaiming the truth
Causing eargasms with intellectual intercourse

Bomb us
Shoot us
Silence us
But you will never annihilate us
Who is us?
We are truth
We are beauty
We are power
And in ebonics
We be bad

Black, black, black power
All power to us, our people
The originators, creators, and profound innovators

Like Maya, we will rise
But the revolution calls
And there are no demilitarized zones

I see the day, the brilliant day
Through all the blood, sweat and tears
Relinquished fears
When we will rise

Rise to conquer domestic terrorism with intellectualism
We will triumph
Triumph over the ignorance, the animosity, the evil of those afflicted By
the pestilence The plague of racism Whose sufferers bleed and ooze
corruption from every pore

Black people
My people
All people
We will rise

© 1998 Michael Angelo Lesesne Jr., all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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