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Some material at this site is quite adult in theme and language

Essay Title Author (date added)

Another Interview with Steve Alten Owen Hollifield (added October 15, 2004)

Art Of Poetry Durlabh Singh (added December 24, 2001)

Calling Myself A Writer Kevin Craig (added September 24, 2003)

Contest Advice for Screenplay Writers Lynne Pembroke (added March 8, 2005)

The Curse of Creative Writing Dan Nielsen (added April 14, 1998)

The Deadline Is Our Friend K.L.Storer (first appeared From K.L.'s Desk,
April 12, 1999)

The Editor's Rejection:
What 'No' Means and What it
Does Not Necessarily Mean
with contributions from:
Joyce Lavene, Kevin Mooneyham, Kirie Pedersen, D.L. Zimmerman
(first appeared From K.L.'s Desk,
June 24, 2001)

The Empty Writing Club Ieuan Dolby (added September 24, 2003)

The Exercise of
Writing Sudden Fiction
K.L.Storer (first appeared From K.L.'s Desk,
January 4, 2000)

How to Have an Effective
Reading Group (the Book Club)
Stephen Earley Jordan, II (added October 15, 2004)

I Don't Care If the First Line Stinks K.L.Storer (first appeared From K.L.'s Desk,
January, 1999)

An Interview with Steve Alten Owen Hollifield (added September 22, 2002)

Interviewing an Author:
Don't Be Left Speechless
Stephen Earley Jordan, II (added December 23, 2002)

Lebenswelt American
Life-World Writing
Stan Blakeman (added June 23, 2001)

Mission Possible:
Get Published With Goals,
Guidance and Persistence
Stephen Earley Jordan, II (added March 20, 2002)

My "Finished" Novel Manuscript:
the Saga Begins
K.L.Storer (first appeared From K.L.'s Desk,
June 27, 2002)

My Writing Career, Inc. Tom Glick (added March 20, 2002)

Novel to Screenplay: The Challenges of Adaptation Lynne Pembroke (added March 8, 2005)

On Web Publishing and Plagiarism K.L.Storer (first appeared From K.L.'s Desk,
late 1997)

The Road to Here
and the Habit of Writing
K.L.Storer (first appeared From K.L.'s Desk,
October 20, 1998)

So What Is the Value of This Blog And What's the Best Approach to It? K.L.Storer (the April 7, 2006 entry of
K.L.'s Blog: A Diary of Artful Things)

A Sound Advice Durlabh Singh (added June 21, 2002)

Steele, King, Clancy, Rice, Koontz, etc. Naomi Hyatt (added October 15, 2004)

With an Inner Critic Like That... Pamela Hamilton (added March 8, 2005)

Writing: The Crazy Profession Debbie Kuhn (added September 24, 2003)

The Writing Life:
the Stories of Three Writers
Molly Youngkin (here since June 27, 1997:
the very beginning [the beta test])


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