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Forever In Love

Nick "wild weasel" Chaleunphone

From the very first passionate kiss.
The touch of your soft and silky hands.
How I adore your lovely silky touch.
How deeply I savor your love in every way.
The tenderness that brings me closer
The love we see, ignites our passion.
How so, do I love you in anyway I can.
I would shed my soul, just to please you.
I would please your loving soul in anyway I can.
No greater pleasure of love comes deep from within you.
How the sight of the love in you makes me weak.
The passionate kiss from your loving body soothes me so deep.
Your loving touch sends shivers up my soul
I know doubt, that I'm deeply falling to you.
The pure thought of you, knocks me weak in the knees.
There is a soul within you that drives me high.
I know, that your loving touch soothes the desire for you.
I'm truly blessed that your love lasts forever in time.
That the love of yours is so soft and tender.
I truly know doubt that the kiss of forever in

About the Author (click here) © 1998 Nick "wild weasel" Chaleunphone, all rights reserved
 appears here by permission

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